Dr. Kim D’Eramo

My guest today, Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a physician, bestselling author of the MindBody Toolkit, and Founder of the American Institute of MindBody Medicine. During medical school, she developed a strange illness with joint pain, bloating, headaches, weight gain, aching and chills all over, and severely low energy. After seeing doctor after doctor… dozens of them over an almost 2-year period, most could find nothing wrong and told her to come back if things got worse…

She knew about “mind over body,” and that she was somehow creating this pattern, so she tried to heal herself… but failed miserably. Until she realized the solution existed in a new relationship between her and her body.  She quickly learned how to work with her body, opening up to what it needed, and allowing herself to receive it. It felt harmonious when she did this, and instantly lifted her energy, so she kept going.

Within 10 days, her body was completely healed.

Many doctors, even integrative ones, are trying to “fix the problem” rather than release it at its root. That requires more and more complexity of medications, diet, supplements, or testing. Since you’re not addressing the root cause at the deepest level, the problems get worse and worse as you continue searching.

To learn more about Dr. Kim’s MindBody approach to healing visit: https://drkimderamo.com/

To learn about the 3 Ways to Start Living Your Soul Purpose watch her webinar REPLAY by visiting: https://drkimderamo.com/purpose


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