Wendy Y. Bailey, CEC, C.NLP

My guest today, Wendy Y. Bailey is a BEAST at showing her clients how to double, triple, quadruple and quintuple their profits. Sometimes it means making little tweaks in language or strategy. Or, she may work on developing and implementing an income acceleration plan. Either way, it’s her greatest joy coaching clients to create extraordinary results in their businesses.  

I Charge for That™ are the four most powerful words in selling. These words involve beliefs about yourself and money, your limiting beliefs about selling and how you show up in selling conversations.

The I Charge for That™ mindset means you have a profound belief in yourself and the value you bring to the marketplace. The words, “I Charge for That™” embody the spirit of your beliefs and flow effortlessly from the tongue. These words demonstrate your high self-esteem and establishes success on your own terms.

The I Charge for That™ mindset means you also have dogged determination in setting and achieving your goals. You’re able to excel by setting clear boundaries that safeguard your professionalism and expertise.

The I Charge for That™ mindset means that you have crazy faith in your selling conversations, knowing your most ideal clients ALWAYS recognize how you can help them, they WILL say “Yes!” and they will readily make the investment in your programs, services and products.

Learn more and buy her book: http://www.IChargeForThat.com

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